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VX-Power Massager Device
$149.00 Regular price $249.00
VX-Power Slimplate Digital Vibration Plate
$690.00 Regular price $790.00

Why Choose VX-Power?

VX-POWER has been a leader in the field of Vibro-Stimulation for over 15 years. Our products are high-end, professional motorized fitness equipment which are thoroughly tested to meet all of the industry’s technical and safety specifications.


"I am very happy with the results that I have so far with the VX-Power, not only I have lost weight but also my body fat went down.

It's amazing that you can reduce the time working out with these incredible results. I will recommend a 100%."

William Fernandez

"I bought the VX-Power a year ago and I have seen a wonderful improvement in my body and in my general health.

On December 29 I bought one for my mom who loved mine. I recommend it to all, the machine is wonderful and customer service is magnificent."

Vida Nueva

"Hi I'm Angelique Rivera, I have to say that this VX-Power machine has improved my health, my chest and body are in great shape. I was heavier and my blood pressure has
lowered, also thanks VX-Power."

Angelique Rivera

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