VX-Power Resistance Bands

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  • STRENGTHEN YOUR MUSCLES: resistance bands are perfect for shaping and toning your body, as they have ability to strengthen the muscles by increasing the time they spend under tension. Perfect for booty, leg, thigh & overall body training. 
  • PERFECT TENSION: when doing squats or working on your upper body while using resistance bands, your muscles will need to work twice as hard because of the added tension. Perfect for an improved exercise routine.
  • PREMIUM ELASTICITY: our resistance bands are made of a highly durable and resistant material, making them extremely stretchable. Perfect for workout of any intensity, and physical therapy. 


  • 5 Resistance Levels: 
    • Level 1 (X-Light): 5-10 lb
    • Level 2 (Light): 10-15 lb
    • Level 3 (Medium): 15-20 lb
    • Level 4 (Heavy): 25-30 lb
    • Level 5 (X-Heavy): 30-40 lb
  • LATEX-FREE: this plastic-based material does not contain latex. It is also non-toxic.
  • FREE TRAVEL POUCH: a carrying bag is included.